20 Nov '12, 7pm

Brokers For $350,000

The domain name GiftBasket.com just sold for $350,000. The domain name was brokered by FindYourDomain.com, who sold Feng.com last week for $250,000 . Domaintools.com shows the domain name GiftBasket.com being owned earlier this year by DomainCapital.com However since sometime in February of this year, the domain went into privacy at NetworkSolutions.com The administrative contact of the domain is now showing as Tony Scivetti with the rest of the information being held under “private registration” Its a great domain and we congratulate the buyer and seller and FindYourDomain.com It will rank as the 6th highest domain sale of 2012 .

Full article: http://www.thedomains.com/2012/11/20/findyourdomain-com-b...


domain sells for $350,000

domainnamewire.com 20 Nov '12, 7pm

Owner of WineGiftBaskets.com shortens name with six figure domain name purchase. Domain name broker FindYourDomain.com is ...