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  • Blockchain was always a religion. And now it’s got its own church |

    wired.co.uk 28 Jun '18, 9pm

    Cryptocurrency is not even the only technology to have given rise to a cult. In November 2017, former Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski launched the Way of the Future (WOTF), a church in which AI “will effectively be a god”. Like 0xΩ, WOTF aims at democratising participation in the AI...

  • Airlines are on the brink of the ultimate ultra-long-haul flight

    wired.co.uk 16 Jun '18, 5pm

    To fly non-stop from Singapore to New York (8,283 nautical miles), Singapore Airlines is using an Airbus A350-900 ULR (ultra-long-rage), which has been specially adapted for the route. The aircraft can fly up to 9,700 nautical miles, or around 20 hours, non-stop, and carry 24,000 litr...

  • How IWC, the dark horse of Swiss watches, plans to take on Rolex

    wired.co.uk 17 Jun '18, 6am

    It’s shaping up to be a busy 2018 for watchmaker IWC, not least because the Swiss brand turns 150 this year. A raft of special editions are imminent, as well as a lot of talk about the Schaffhausen-based company’s storied history: how it was the first in Switzerland to industrialise t...

  • The new watches of Baselworld 2018 from Rolex, Bulgari, TAG Heuer and Omega

    wired.co.uk 26 Mar '18, 2pm

    Out of nowhere – well, OK, almost 30 years of investment, development, R&D and gradual improvement – Bulgari has become one of the most exciting forces in watchmaking. The last four years certainly has seen an incredible blossoming in its technical and creative vision, based around it...

  • Five illuminating products to brighten up the darkest night

    wired.co.uk 28 Mar '18, 1pm

    Although it’s not immediately apparent, some significant changes make this SUV stand out from its predecessor. For a start, it has night vision. There’s also a 3D LED strip that stretches across the entire rear, plus headlights featuring four futuristic LED dots. Its interior, meanwhi...

  • What the UK can learn from Singapore's smart city

    What the UK can learn from Singapore's smart city

    wired.co.uk 20 Jun '17, 7am

    From New York to New Delhi, few "smart cities" can match Singapore's commitment to experimentation. A state rich in capital and without lobbies to block pilot projects, when Singapore decides to implement, it does so nimbly and quickly. Surface-street trials of self-driving cars and b...

  • Move over Bitcoin, the blockchain is only just getting started

    What is the blockchain and why should people use it?

    wired.co.uk 07 Nov '16, 6pm

    Many firms are already using the blockchain to trace and record ownership, and to cut out middlemen. In the first group, there's London-based Everledger, which uses the distributed ledger to track individual diamonds from the mine to the consumer, helping identify conflict diamonds an...

  • Grow your own hotel: this tropical high-rise in Singapore has its own ecosystem

    Singapore's Oasia Hotel Downtown has its own ecosystem

    wired.co.uk 12 Mar '17, 12pm

    Singapore's Oasia Hotel Downtown is alive - and growing fast. Covered in 21 species of verdant climbers and flowers, it was designed by local architects WOHA as the first tropical high-rise. "We wanted as many species as possible to recreate an ecosystem," says WOHA co-founder Wong Mu...